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Special HipHop kréyol episode with an introduction by Aimé Césaire, a great man from Martinique buried in the Panthéon who started a rebel and intellectual movement called “négritude”.
The tracklist is as usual a mix of musique from the different Créole countries and their diasporas: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Guyane, Miami, Canada…
Enjoy and Share!

Catch y’all later,

Martinique KDA Blackman – KDA Black Story
Haiti Unknown Haitian Artists – Into Zion We must Go
Martinique Neg Madnick – Toujou Lé Mem
Haiti Mystik 703 (Klibr) – 48 Bar
France 42ème feat Paulo Albin – Condition Inhumaine
Haiti Barikad Crew – Nou di Non
Martinique Chak Womack feat Boogie Flaha – Messaj-La
Haiti Mystik 703 – Pèp La Faché
Guadeloupe Mik feat Osas – Rap Ka D100
Haiti Barikad Crew (Fantom) – Déplacé-La
Haiti Freedom – Délivré
Guyane Bekeno – Lo Patché Gwo Djols
Haiti Kiko Tru Rasta – I think I’m Toussaint
Martinique SM FOSS 2 feat Boogie Flaha – Ban Mwen Matinik Mwen
Canada Vox Sambou – Toussaint Louverture
US Sam Toussaint – Toussaint Louverture
Haiti Freedom – Vizyon
Haiti Masters Of Haiti – Nou Pa Kapab
Martinique Neg Lyrical – La Traite




Madrass back on tracks,

Episode 29, it’s all about Hip Hop Kreyol from Haiti, Martinique and Canada.
Enjoy and share the love.

Catch y’all later,

Haiti Barikad Crew – Intro site
Canadae Nomadic Massive – Nou La site
Haiti Vox Sambou – Everyday site
Martinique Boogie Flaha – Nawflaw site
Haiti Mikaben – Santi Mwen Lov site
Haiti PSB feat Toppy X – Knockout (Canahl Cumbia RMX) site
Haiti Ambassad Camp – Kanaval 2010 site
Haiti Barikad Crew – Teyat site
Haiti Fantom feat Dutty– Once Again site
Martinique Kris Daddy– So Real site
Haiti G Bobby Bon Flo – Présizyon site
Haiti P-Jay feat Flav – Fok Mwen Alé site
Haiti Mikaben feat Black Dada – Nap Kite’l Pou Yo site



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Hi, episod 6: Get up, Get up!

I’m hosting Episod 6 with one of my friend Jay for a little kreyol hip hop selection.
Tried to put some artists from the different kreyol communities for this one.
Got Joey Starr for martinik, Speed Bomb & la Horde Noire for Guadeloupe.
Muzion with a classic “la vi ti neg” for the Haitian diaspora in Canada.
Bennshoumy & Wyclef for Haiti/NY.

Don’t forget Haiti with the storm NOEL (christmas in french), if u feel like making a donnation:
Red Cross
Yele Haiti



haiti Wyclef Jean – Bay Microm’ Volume

(CD “Welcome to Haiti, Creole 101”, Sakpasé Production 2004) Site

martinique Joey Starr feat Speed Bomb – Ou pa Tan

(CD “BOSS Opus 3”, 2004) Album

guadeloupe La Horde Noire – Mi la sa ka bay

(CD “Mi la sa ka bay”, Rico Records 1997)

canada Muzion – la vi ti neg

(CD “Mentalité Moune Morne”, Four Faces Communications 2000) Site

haiti Bennchoumy – Nou La

(underground, 2007) Site